I’m withdrawing my support for rail to Mueller

JMVC says this, heart paraphrased, gerontologist a lot, for sale and in fact, I completely agree with him: “Rather than moving to the suburbs and expecting transit to be delivered to you, you should move to areas that are effectively served by transit already, because we’ll never be able to afford to serve all of […]

Mueller Grocery – Suburban or Urban?

Woop de doo! This image is from the 2010 presentation of the Mueller “market district”. The big box in the lower right is the grocery store, which is now apparently going to be an HEB. But the most important question by far: will it be urban or suburban? Let’s ask our old friend David Sucher […]

2024BFRNT: 51st at Tilley

In honor of 2024’s Bike To Work Day1, I present a long overdue (pictures taken a couple months ago) segment: E 51st St at Tilley. Fourth installment in the 2024 Bike Facility Roast N Toast series. Location: On East 51st St, just east of the part of Mueller most people think of, at an intersection with Tilley […]

Bike Facility Roast N Toast 2024

When I moved here and started cycling here, Strava didn’t exist, so I used to keep track of (most of) my rides in the old CGI bike log which amazingly still works. In the early aughts, I had to stop biking (mostly), due to an autoimmune condition (reactive arthritis). In the late 2010s, it began […]

Let’s Go To The Movies: Also: Why Nobody Takes The Bus There!

In a happy coincidence, this twitter thread came to me as I was about to take the family over to our go-to theatre; the Alamo Drafthouse at Mueller, to watch a bougie family entertainment (I have kids, sue me; Christopher Robin was good). When I posted some details about our upcoming trip, friend-of-the-crackplog Hunter S […]

Cap Remap Prediction #1: The 335

(crossposted from Austin’s only honest urbanism facebook group). Cap Remap prediction #1: 335: The new route on 38th Street. (Click on the image for the interactive version). There’s new (nearly complete) bus cutouts1 on 38th near Speedway and Red River (with no signals attached). It’s slated to run every 15 minutes. It’s recommended as the […]

Archive: Box and Horn from the Austinist, 2008

Austinist: Box and Horn: Mike Dahmus Jan FEB Mar 10 2007 2008 2009 11 captures 10 Feb 2008 – 31 Dec 2010 About this capture COLLECTED BY Organization: Alexa Crawls Starting in 1996, Alexa Internet has been donating their crawl data to the Internet Archive. Flowing in every day, these data are added to the […]