Ironystorm 2007

Contrary to what Sal Costello’s band of merry anti-tollers alleges, healing pills SH45 and SH130, viagra order as tollways, purchase were always supposed to get…

SH45 and SH130 were ALWAYS in the plan

Mayor Watson didn't "re-allocate" freeway money to SH45,130 tollways; they were ALWAYS supposed to be receiving those funds.

Neil Abercrombie: Hero

I own and drive a Prius. I love the thing. I’m constantly defending it from FUD. But there’s a difference between defending something you like…

Higher minimum wage

Anectdote about higher minimum wage helping, rather than hurting, business

Why Plug-In Hybrids Are Nowhere Near Ready

Extracted from another blog for posterity: why plug-in hybrids aren't as ready as fans claim. From a guy who loves his hybrid.

McDorms happened because idiots restricted apartments

Austin Contrarian adds an additional good point to the argument that neighborhoods created the McDorm phenomena themselves.