West Campus, UT, and “The Core”

At one point later on, a very good pal of mine who is working on the program answered John Lawler (UT student government)’s question about why that decision was made to suddenly include UT and West Campus with the Core with a blistering diatribe about how inappropriate and offensive it was to be so cynical about the motives behind said change, while occasionally looking right at yours truly. Message received, loud and clear. (Not just by me; others asked me if I thought you were speaking to John or to me when you went there).

Before I link to my brand new slide deck you just motivated me to write this morning, know this: Before this meeting, I only mentioned this change in an aside in a couple of places. I never talked to the University Area Partners or Mr. Lawler; they didn’t get their complaints from me. If anything, I may actually have heard about it from them, indirectly. I was like the tenth person in the scene to even notice the change.

But by incorrectly assuming that just because it was a complaint, it must have been only from me, or by trying to score points by making an attack about it by tying it to me, whom you presumed was held in low regard by the room, you just brought me into it. Congratulations, now I’m all-in.

If your (paid to do this) feelings were hurt by the implication that the motivation for the change might have been less than aboveboard, consider the converse: I took vacation time to spend my lunch hour only to get attacked by you (who, again, unlike me, is getting paid to do this).

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The last gif is animated in my version but not on slideshare. Imagine Colbert sarcastically clapping, or don’t.

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  1. Aside from all the infighting and playing devil’s advocate: Many in Austin would see your diagram and say, “West Campus and UT are the same thing. That should be one box.” UT on top and Downtown on bottom. And a line like the one on slide 13 in those two (new) boxes shows more service in downtown – where public transportation should branch out from. How would you address that argument? Plus, it has at least a little east/west travel, which is just as important as north/south travel. Isn’t it?

    Beyond that, knowing that a medical school will be going in on Red River, which should/will redefine that entire area – both for UT and for the city – how do you fight against the argument that will be needed as the expansion of Red River use grows?

    1. London,

      East-west travel is by foot and by bicycle (and by shuttle); and most in Austin would not say West Campus should be part of UT; West Campus themselves were the most indignant about this (consider the business owners on Guadalupe who may want downtown residents to be able to get there, for instance; your typical transit patron would not consider riding a train from downtown, getting off at San Jacinto, and then hoofing it half a mile to Guadalupe to go to a store/club/restaurant as a workable idea).

      The medical school is going to be relevant if and only if the line then goes to a high-density residential area where we expect a lot of the medical school work traffic to originate from. I don’t think Mueller is that place (it might be, but it’s just as likely if not more that the people working at the new med school would want to live at the Triangle or in Hyde Park).

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