AURA sucks, part MCMLXIII

(yet another Woulda Been A Thread)

AURA board member who somehow missed the twenty times AURA decided to loudly and stupidly weigh in on the echo-chamber progressive side of issues having nothing to do with YIMBY has strategery thoughts


Second board member weighs in; this one the one who hangs out with people who want to send landlords to the gallows, and recently posted that “right YIMBYs are so annoying”


As for your intrepid correspondent:

While my position on some issues has of course evolved, I try really hard to not be the kind of jackass that AURA cultivates that can easily be shown to be a complete contradictory dipshit by showing what they did just a few years earlier, with no explanations in between. Unlike them, I actually have a record of acknowledging when I was wrong on something important as well12

Actually, modify that. It’s NOT that hard to be that kind of jackass. All it requires is self-awareness and honesty, which no AURA board member has had in a very very very very very very long time.

c.f. Susan Somers Orange Line Laser Focus Watch: 0️⃣0️⃣1️⃣0️⃣9️⃣ days and counting!

  1. note that neither Tedd Holladay nor any other previous AURA person has ever done anything like this 

  2. also note that I didn’t pick the “I was wrong about AURA” post for this, as that would be bad-faith in proving this particular point