How you’ll use commuter rail

Or won’t, if like most people you don’t like shuttle buses.

At the last panel at which I spoke (LBJ school), Scott Polikov claimed that the commuter rail line DOES stop within walking distance of most of downtown. I’ve cut and pasted the image off the flier for showing the downtown station for commuter rail. Notice the labels on the shuttle buses on the right. From front: CAPITOL, DOWNTOWN, UT

This also marks the first post to this blog where I’ve included a picture. Man, I’m slipping.



2 thoughts on “How you’ll use commuter rail

  1. This picture does say it all, M1EK. Light-rail isn’t as attractive when you have to hop on a bus to get to the final destination.
    Corollary: I’ve recently realized that the UT shuttle bus system is a great transit solution for students. We’re taken off the road and are localized to areas of Austin along the routes.
    Probably see where I’m going with this… I suspect less students would use the bus to commute to campus if there were a transfer involved.

  2. Truly this is the worst idea I have come across in public transportation. It is inexcusable as the number of failures of this type across the country serve as object lessons.
    Someone must be getting paid in all of this, or else it makes no sense what so ever. A freshman in civil engineering should know this is a very bad implementation.
    The Left loves form over substance, and the Right loves to make money off of milking projects, so it is another marriage made in government.
    Another naked emperor at the fashion show in Austin. “I love the use of color” “What the f@&! are you talking about, he’s naked!”

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