Oppose City Funding Of Additional Red Line Service

WHEREAS most riders of existing Red Line service are likely not residents of the City of Austin and the majority likely don’t even reside in jurisdictions which pay Capital Metro taxes


WHEREAS the City of Austin already excessively subsidizes the existing Red Line operations, this as the overwhelming taxpayer to Capital Metro, contributing over 90% of Capital Metro’s revenue to allow the Red Line to be subsidized at a cost of nearly 34 dollars per ride


WHEREAS such funds as proposed to further subsidize the Red Line cannot possibly result in a positive economic outcome for the City of Austin given that weekend traffic on the highways is not substantial, and the city can only recover 1% of spending by visitors in the form of sales taxes

THEREFORE BE IT SUGGESTED that everybody reading this contact everyone you know and your city council members and advise AGAINST the City of Austin paying for expanded weekend service on the Red Line and saving the money, instead, for the city’s urban rail proposal – which, unlike the Red Line, will serve primarily Austinites and which desperately needs the money.

2 Replies to “Oppose City Funding Of Additional Red Line Service”

  1. Hey Mike–

    You commented on this blog post from CapMetro in November about how Cap Metro was so popular for a convention event: http://capmetroblog.com/2011/11/29/metrorail-motivation/

    Did you notice that the person who was forced to take one of the overflow buses actually got downtown before the train did?

    How much do you think it would cost to run weekend buses instead of trains along the metrorail route? If the city wanted to throw $2.2m at transit, where would you spend it?

  2. I wouldn’t even spend the money on suburban buses on the weekend. It’s solving a problem that doesn’t exist – there’s plenty of highway and roadway space, and parking is available.

    If the city wanted to subsidize something on the weekend, it should be additional LOCAL bus service (i.e. things its own residents would use).

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