Listen for M1EK

KUT just called and I recorded a few snippets with them about commuter rail (they’re most interested in today’s delay announcement for commuter rail which I mostly let CM off the hook for, but I did give a bunch of other background that they might or might not use). If anybody hears it, please let me know.

Background was a condensed version of the last 6 years of this crackplog (we’re doing what Tri-Rail did; not what everybody that succeeded did; it’s not light rail – it’ll never get you to UT, etc).

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  1. Just heard the KUT story. Came off civil since they only used your “if it was light rail there would’ve been more engineering involved, not just plopping down some passenger trains on existing track…” comment (I paraphrase). They did mention that you were a former member of the Austin planning whatever-thingamabob, and that you wrote a blog critical of CapMetro’s line. I don’t think they ever actually called the Red Line light rail though. KUT usually knows their stuff.

  2. The reporter is a friendly acquaintance of mine. A few weeks ago, he asked me what I made of the rail line, and I told him a good story would be one that explains the difference between this system and light rail. I pointed him in the direction of this blog for a source.
    I thought Mose did a good job of letting you get in a bit about how this isn’t really a light rail system while reporting the story.

  3. Oh, the reporter was Mose? I know Mose. Had a class with him at UT and we even worked on a project together. He’s a really good guy.
    Sorry I missed the report. Is it online anywhere?

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