How pro-Proposition-1 establishment figures try to get away with it

Dave Sullivan, for months, on the CCAG, at meetings like this one:

“Nobody will show me the data! Show me the data!”

AURA, yesterday, released the latest paper, with data on why Highland/ERC will cripple our transit system and prevent any future rail lines from being built.


This is the same argument, with data, presented over the last few months by Julio Gonzalez-Altamirano. Dave Sullivan has been pointed to him on multiple occasions, by many people, including yours truly; with no response. Example:


A contemperaneous post by Julio that I was hoping Dave would read: “Highland Score”, November 2013.

Did he ever stop saying “show me the data! Why won’t anybody show me the data?”?

No, he didn’t. Now we move forward to last week.

Dave Sullivan, 10/13/2014:


Any questions?

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  1. This study is wholly speculative – it presumes that the money appropriated for this rail proposal will somehow be available for other transit options if the bond fails, which is not the case. Losing the bond issue is not going to necessarily persuade the city or Cap Metro to spend that same money on improving bus service. Lies abound.

    1. Patrick, you’re completely wrong. The argument about losing bus service is about operating funds, not the capital funds being spent in the bond. The impact the new rail service will have on ongoing (future) operating costs is what is discussed here. If we build the rail line and follow through on the operating plans presented by Project Connect, we will be spending operating dollars subsidizing passengers by $X per ride. X is greater than the Y it costs to subsidize them on buses in the same corridor; therefore we lose operating dollars going forward and have to make it up by cuts elsewhere.

  2. Is all the money going for construction and condemnation? The bond authorizes CM to spend it on operations as well. “…to be operated by Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (which may spend its funds to build, operate and maintain such system)”

    1. Yes, all the money is going for construction and related costs. Operating costs are to be covered by Capital Metro. “may spend its own funds”. The bonds are city money, to go to capital and planning costs.

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