Empty Buses Part Three

I put my bike on the 7:36 AM #3 bus at the 38th and Medical Parkway stop. There were 27 passengers, counting me. (I took the #3 instead of the express because of my experience last time and because I was a bit early, so I could choose to sit outside for 10 more minutes or just get on the bus).

When passing underneath US 183 on Burnet Rd., there were 10 passengers, counting me.

When passing underneath US 183 on Braker Lane, there were 5 passengers, counting me.

And you wonder why you suburbanites only see empty (or in this case, near-empty) buses?
The End!



One thought on “Empty Buses Part Three

  1. I couldn’t find an e-mail link but this is about Austin transportation so I’ll add it here. My rant: what is the one traffic and parking event that could really be used to highlight the bus system? UT Football games. Well, I’m here to tell you that I tried using the buses for one game and all the routes were completely changed for gameday, making riding the bus a complete waste. Not to mention the fact that student buses don’t run on Saturdays so all the students living off campus have to drive to park.
    Sure, there are shuttle buses for all the suburbanites but what about the locals and the students that live inside the shuttle routes and could easily take the bus? All the routes near the stadium have been altered on gameday so nobody takes the bus. Why not leave San Jacinto and Red River open for buses so people can simply take the bus right to the stadium? /rant

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