The Wrong Direction

I can’t believe anybody, including the current batch of Republicans, honestly thinks this is a good idea, but my standard for surprise keeps getting reset.



2 thoughts on “The Wrong Direction

  1. A head-scratcher, for sure. The love affair with the automobile has become a dangerous, stalker-type obsession. It flies in the face of logic that they give tax breaks to vehicles over 6,000 pounds. The original intent, long ago, was to help farmers afford equipment (trucks) and it had to have a business use.
    Now? Not so much.

  2. It *is* kinda strange to see all the Hummers in town with tiny “business” signs or advertising pasted on them. I wonder how many business owners bought the Hummer because they really wanted one, or ’cause with the tax breaks it’s effectively a free car?
    Not that I’d want to pay for the gas (or insurance, or repair, etc.) bills for one of those monsters.

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