Statesman At It Again

In today’s Letters, sildenafil allowed to be published uncritically and without challenge:

Bicycle lanes are dangerous on Austin roads for both drivers and bikers. Burleson Road is a classic example of where the car lanes were narrowed to accommodate bikers. Bikers should have to purchase an annual permit that has toll tag technology.

Since they pay no gas tax, this fee should pay for their road use. These tags should be able to be read by police to identify if their tag is current, and they could also identify the bikers, should they be involved in an accident.

Anne Clark


My response on the way to them via various intertubes:

Anne Clark, in her letter on 10/27/2011, is woefully misinformed. Most roads in our area, even most major arterials, receive no funding from the gasoline tax, as the state prohibits its portion of the gas tax from being used outside the state highway system, and most federal gas taxes are similarly directed only to roads with a route shield on them. In fact, since some local (general) funds are also used for state and federal highways, it is likely cyclists who are subsidizing motorists in Austin, not the other way around.


Mike Dahmus

City of Austin Urban Transportation Commission 2000-2005

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  1. I just looked at Burleson south of 71 and it was as I remembered from running. A 2-lane road with no bike lanes and no sidewalks. So I’m assuming this person is referring to Burleson between Oltorf and 71 which is actually bizarrely over-wide. The width of each lane + bike lane is equivalent to the width of the two-way neighborhood street I live on. It’s actually so wide that people normally don’t wait for cars to turn left. They just veer into the bike lane and pass them. Which means the lanes have to be at least a bit wider than a normal lane.

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