Regionalism as the enemy of urban transportation



3 thoughts on “Regionalism as the enemy of urban transportation

  1. One issue I see coming is how to target the cost of the public transportation to those who use it and lighten the load on those who do not. Due to cost most cities use regional or state funding to offset the amount charged to the user, and that opens the door to regional and state meddling.
    I am not against public transportation, just against subsidizing it for those who wish to live in Leander and work in downtown Austin. (I would guess that where I live in Northwest Austin would be considered suburban, but I am only 2 miles from work. Almost 75% of my drive is through the twisting subdivisions.)
    Is there some way of getting a better solution and fund it via user fees and maybe property taxes on business near access points who might see higher customer traffic?
    How can we do this without another gouging of the everyone’s property taxes?

  2. Re: the article, very well put indeed.
    “Until [Austin] stands on its own, mentally, fiscally, aesthetically, we’ll be enervated with mediocrity and governed from afar.”

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