Reason to vote no on commuter rail

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The picture below is my son, Ethan. He wanted me to tell you that by the time he’s ten, he wants urban rail service (dedicated right-of-way; not streetcars) running down the real urban rail corridor (Lamar/Guadalupe), not “Rapid Bus”. He also wanted me to add that if you vote for commuter rail, and his dad is right about the negative effects, he’s coming for you.

If I were you, I’d do what he wants.

2017 update: We have almost no useful transit now running down Guadalupe/Lamar because groups like AURA have allied themselves with bad actors instead of continuing honest pro-transit advocacy. Good job, guys! Here’s what Ethan looks like now in early 2017; there’s still no good rail in this city, and we’re set to lose all local bus service on Guadalupe and Speedway thanks to AURA’s credulous support of Connections 2025!