Cap Metro operating subsidies – then and now

In a tweet yesterday attempting to answer yours truly without actually directly doing so, JMVC said:

Oh, really?
Here’s the original graphic from the first few months of service (click for larger shot):

Here’s the figures from a few months ago when service was expanded and boardings were up to 1700-2000 (even higher during the SXSW period). Click the image for the full shot. Ridership since SXSW has settled down back to around 1700 boardings/day, it looks like, so the most current subsidy (until the connector buses were cancelled) is likely somewhere in this range below.

Draw your own conclusions. Dramatically lower? Looks like about the same to me.

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  1. Mr. Cortez asked me to adjust Metrorail for the relatively low capital outlay.
    Well, here is a comparison of data with the Hiawatha (now Blue) Line in Minneapolis – this is relevant to me as I visit the Twin Cities fairly often. To me – both as a user and as an amateur analyst – the winner here is obvious.
    Blue Line
    Capital cost to state/local: $291m (1)
    Boardings/day: 31,400 in 2010 (peak was 35,500 in Summer 2008) (1, 2)
    Operating loss/rider: $1.45 (3)
    Capital cost to state/local: “$120-200m” according to Ben Wear (4)
    Boardings/day: 1700-1800 (4)
    Operating loss/rider: $33.25 (5)

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