Bad Choices, Part One

I always pick the best days to bike. Here’s the transcript of my IM with a cow orker this morning:

mdahmus: so today’s trip in was hellacious. first it starts drizzling hard RIGHT AFTER JEANNE LEAVES WITH MY CAR.
mdahmus: then I get to north loop and lamar and the bike won’t go.
mdahmus: I pull over and fuck with the brakes and make them very loose; still no go.
mdahmus: then I realized the back wheel had gone out of alignment and was rubbing on the bar.
mdahmus: so I try to fix the brakes back up and realize I can’t do it without pliers (can’t hold on to the little fuckity fuck fuck wire because too wet and greasy)
mdahmus: so I rode the rest of the way in with no back brakes; making the trip down far west JUST FANTABULOUS!
mdahmus: actually got passed by Guy on 2222 at 360; longest trip in ever. fuckin’ old brakes. AND YOU WONDER WHY MORE PEOPLE DON’T BIKE, MISTER SMARMY BIKE SHOP FUCKWAD.
mdahmus: that’s me angry.

The “smarmy bike shop fuckwad” refers to the helpful people at my no longer favorite bike shop (one I haven’t gone to in quite a while now) who failed to do anything about the “I can’t maintain my fuckin’ brakes because they’re such a pain in the ass; even though I’m already carrying around a wrench for the few brake things I can maintain” situation the last time I had the bike in because they couldn’t get the right parts, but “don’t worry, dude, they’re fine”.

How well do you think a car would sell if every time it got a flat tire and you put the doughnut on, you had to redo your brakes? NOT VERY FUCKING WELL I THINK!



One thought on “Bad Choices, Part One

  1. When I got my last bike, it had cleats that were too tight. I couldn’t get my feet out easily. In all the twisting I had to do to get my feet out, I discovered that my bike shoes make a good break when they lodge between having the crank at 3 o’clock and the rear wheel. The rear wheel is going the wrong direction, so it won’t injure you.
    Never leave a bikeshop until you can get your feet out of the cleats easily. Oh, and if you haven’t ridden in twenty years, have them explain the shifters. They are counterintuitive to the point of saying they were designed by programmers.

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