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Followup on Our Friends The Saudis

Kevin Drum points out that the media continues to ignore the fact that the Saudis are the only major producer with unused short-term oil pumping capacity. This is the other piece of the story which bugged me for a long time – two years ago, when it was clear that these asswipes were behind a big chunk of the 9/11 attacks, it seems like the mass media in this country bent over backwards to ignore the fact that we were afraid to confront them for it – and the biggest reason for that fear? The Saudis have the only reliable control over world oil prices.

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What’s Buggin’ Me About Saudi Arabia Today

So in every article I’ve read so far on the shootings in the residential complex over the weekend, the mention of higher oil prices is always tempered by comments that the oil infrastructure is well-protected. (example).

Why is it that none of these journalists have the balls to say why these attacks are bad?

The fact is that the Saudis can’t run their own oil industry. They rely on foreigners (Westerners) for nearly all of the human capital involved – and the Americans and British have advised all their citizens to leave the country.

It just amazes me how pansy our press has become. This is a huge deal; and yet they’re focusing on the infrastructure instead of the workers.

Oh, and I just filled up the Civic. 36 mpg on last tank. Had to wait 15 minutes in hot sun at Costco behind megaSUVs. We also filled up the Prius this weekend – averaging upper 40s so far. (It was our fourth fillup since we bought the car in late February).