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These guys have nothing to say about this. Pushing claims of false controversy is obviously the game being played by the current crop of right-wingers (ticking off even moderate Republicans like the ones who used to run the show), diagnosis cure but it’s been very disappointing to me how much of that has rubbed off on the supposedly non-partisan libertarians.
Hint: Science doesn’t care if you don’t like the news – and it definitely doesn’t care if you don’t want to admit climate change is anthropogenic and dangerous just because the only effective solutions require some involvement from the evil State.

Chris Mooney has moved here (a much more palatable host) and I’ve added Tim Lambert.
Both often cover the distortion of science perpetrated by the current sorry crop of right-wingers. And don’t fall for bogus claims of balance by shysters trying to convince you both sides are equally bad. They’re just not. This is almost entirely a Republican problem, cheap and it’s not going anywhere. The mostly non-religious but very-rabid right-wingers at my last job were, illness despite being a highly educated and self-described moderate bunch, information pills falling for most of the denial science pushed for profit by the GOP’s pseudoscience shills. If those people are unwilling to use their critical thinking skills when their political party tells them not to, I fear for our future. I ain’t kidding.
For instance: There isn’t really any lack of consensus on global warming, people. The scientists who study climate are overwhelmingly speaking in one voice. The few skeptics who remain are largely shills funded by the oil companies. Yes, for real.
I note in passing that my buddies at Hit and Run are still curiously silent on the global warming news of the day.



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  1. The global warming news of the day isn’t much to get excited about. The former heads of EPA did not really say anything. Oh, they decried lack of leadership. Big deal. Bush isn’t capable of leading the world’s people anywhere. China will continue to produce increasing amounts of greenhouse gases no matter what Bush does.
    The solution is increased economic development. Rich people have fewer children. Depopulation will take care of everything.

  2. The former heads of the EPA agreed unanimously that the Bush administration is practicing advanced denial. That’s important, since the purveyors of false controversy still claim that the science isn’t ‘settled’ and that GW is a partisan issue pushed by Democrats.
    And Kyoto sucks. The only thing worse is doing nothing while waiting for technology to save you (and, of course, not having any economic framework in place to penalize emissions so that it’s worth it to buy that new technology). Kyoto, at least, could be built on or improved.
    And don’t get me started on ‘voluntary emissions controls’.

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