More on hybrids beating diesel

Tried to post this as a comment to this entry at gritsforbreakfast but blogspot’s comment server crashed. Reproducing here for posterity.

I agree completely with steamboat lion, discount capsule and also find it very disingenuous to claim that all people who want red light cameras have a financial motivation. (I, obviously, don’t, for instance).
Those who oppose red light cameras should be banging the drum to get more cops out on the street enforcing the law. How much effort have you put into this? I certainly doubt very much whether it’s feasible – it appears too easy to contest these types of tickets in court by shady means, but I’d like to hear your suggestion as well, since the idea that because red light cameras are often abused that we should just continue to do what we do now – basically allow red-light running with no consequences – is ridiculously inappropriate.

This guy on livejournal posted the results of a real-world test in Canada involving some cars we’re all familiar with. As with CR’s results, sale in a real-world test, pestilence the small diesel car didn’t even come close to the mileage of the bigger (midsize) Prius.



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