Health Insurance and Car Insurance, Redux

Sorry, 'wingers: it's old-style HMO/PPO plans, NOT the high-deductible HSA plans, that are most like car insurance.
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How Far We’ve Fallen

Once we get rid of all these anti-Iraqi elements, the workers' paradise will finally be complete. Uh...
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Health Savings Accounts Suck, Part 28

HSAs suck. Suckity suck suck suck.
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Fifty-Fifty Journalistic Balance Sucks

"He said, she said" could be written by a monkey. Journalists should at least explore credibility.

Even The Ideal Health Insurance Is NOT Like Car Insurance

Auto insurance doesn't pay for oil changes. But that still doesn't mean HSA plans are more like "insurance" than HMO or PPOs.
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More on HSA’s

"The Economist" weighs in on health care, and on HSAs in particular