AMD’s move and the 10-mile commute

AMD’s been claiming that their upcoming move to environmentally-sensitive land in southwest Austin is a net-positive since ‘most of [their] employees live within 10 miles of the new location’. has shown how ridiculous this claim is (not untrue, but ridiculous as a supporting argument).

Note that EITHER location captures almost all of the current residential development south of the river. 10 miles turns out to be so generous a claim as to be ridiculous – it’s like me saying that 100% of my stepson’s fifth-grade classmates read at at least a first-grade level.

No, this move is about one thing and one thing only: getting AMD closer to the CEO’s house in the Barton Creek subdivision. Don’t be fooled; if AMD wanted to reduce employees’ commuting distances, they’d move DOWNTOWN. A 10-mile circle around downtown would capture nearly all of the existing residential development south of the river PLUS most of the east-side (neighborhoods around 290) and a healthy chunk of the north-side.



One thought on “AMD’s move and the 10-mile commute

  1. Uh hello. Can you say clueless? AMD never said TEN MILE RADIUS. AMD said ten mile commute. Now let’s see Bozo Number 1. How long is your commute to your office? Now how far is it as the crow flies? Are those different? Hmmm. Why yes, professor, they are. And why is that? Well, you see, we do not live in the era of the hovercraft and therefore must take ROADS — that scarce commodity in Austin that are openly lobbied against by you same people who obviously think people can travel to work without them. Ignorance reins!

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