Approximately 3100 words for today about TOD

I wish this were an April Fools’ joke, but many folks, including city council members and Cap Metro board members, apparently believe the site drawn below with loving care in MSPaint is going to be a TOD when it’s complete. The project page is here.
Click on each picture for a double-size version.

First, the basic site. Green is the buildings.

Second, some orientation:

Note that the parking is almost surely free, and is surface parking (i.e. the most convenient parking possible for an automobile driver). It’s also a quarter mile closer than the transit station. A quarter mile.
Third, one simple view of what it might take to fix the first half of the “orientation” part required to honestly call it a TOD – assuming the pitifully low density of this site is enough to vault past the baseline for multi-family development in the nearby area (hint: it is not):

Further reading: