8 down, 19992 to go

My wife and I voted (early) on Sunday. And this weekend, Jonathan Horak endorsed this blog’s position. Also, Chip Rosenthal declared his opposition and used very similar reasoning to that used by this author.

In the meantime, Ben Wear wrote about commuter rail again on Sunday in the Statesman, this time using my colleague Patrick Goetz for the lone pro-transit and oh-my-god-does-this-plan-really-stink perspective. I think I’ve fallen permanently off his radar.

Finally, in the twenty minutes or so since I submitted this post, a blog I’ve not read before called Grits For Breakfast added their endorsement, and the author made a very good general point about how perplexing it is that Austin voters don’t fight these Austin-bashing initiatives harder.



3 thoughts on “8 down, 19992 to go

  1. I nearly caused a riot in Pacha this morning by audibly stating my opposition to the rail referendum, plagiarizing your talking points. You’d have thought I was in favor of beheading fuzzy kittens or something.
    I predict that this year, unlike 2000, your standard vaguely liberal Austin Democrats (of which I reluctantly admit I am one) are so riled up about GW that they are going to vote in record numbers. While they’re at it they’ll stick it to the man by voting for rail, too, and the damned thing will pass by a landslide.

  2. I became convinced this plan was a stinker quite some time ago…that said, I voted against it last Saturday and got an earful from a friend after we left the polls and were comparing notes on our votes. Boy, was I dissapointed I hadn’t talked about it BEFORE we voted.
    Unfortunately, Prentiss is right. All the AustinDems are going to vote for this in a visceral reaction to all things Republican/suburban.

  3. I am for beheading fuzzy kittens and I think this plan is the best. If you were just a bit more informed, you would grasp the concept that Austinites will embrace this plan. This will drive the suburbanites out of their SUVs and into the buses in droves. Asshat.

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