Why I never voted for Clinton

Even though he turned out to be the best possible president for that period in time (he and the Congress restrained each others’ worst impulses): drug law hypocrisy.



2 thoughts on “Why I never voted for Clinton

  1. This notion of “serve the time or recuse yourself” is ridiculous to me. As a person who went to Penn State, a school in a state with drinking age of 21, can you say you too did not drink there until age 21? (Really I don’t care if you did or not, just trying to point out how ridiculous I think the recommendation is). Will you pay fines or do the time? Will you commit yourself to changing that law? Will you recuse yourself from under-age alcohol-related law enforcement?
    My personal view is to allow some sort of statue of limitations on most crimes.

  2. I would damn well not put a kid in jail for drinking under the age of 21. That’s the kicker here – kids are getting put in jail for years for doing the same stuff that he (and Dubya) did.

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