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Tee Hee, Ain’t I The Dickens, Part One

The Bush administration is at it again. Thanks, Naderites! (Unfortunately, the Onion didn’t archive possibly the best What Do You Think ever, which generated at…
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OK, I grabbed the links (and format) on the left from Steve, tore out a bunch of them, and will be filling in with stuff…
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New site

woo. Movable Type. I’ll move the other stuff here maybe tomorrow.
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Irresponsible Neighborhoods, Part Two

I was watching Channel Six for a bit while waiting for my wife to get ready to go out to a childbirth class, and I…
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Get Off Da Bus

It’s been rumored for a long time, but further more credible signs are afoot that Capitol Metro is abandoning plans for in-town light-rail transit in…

Bad Choices, Part One

I always pick the best days to bike. Here’s the transcript of my IM with a cow orker this morning: mdahmus: so today’s trip in…
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Bad Neighborhoods, Part One

Austin’s neighborhood Nazis are at it again. In an article about the current activities of the Envision Central Texas project, an inoffensively driven planning exercise…
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One of the great dilemnas of corporate life is shown here: are you a badger, a mushroom, or a snake?
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Dilweed in Paradise

It’s ironic that this dilweed lives in Honolulu, one of a very small number of really effective city-bus-only transit systems in the United States. This…